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Social Networking Sites and Preventive Measures A session by Dr Neel
3-Oct- 2017

Social Networking Sites and Preventive Measures


            A session on ‘Effect of social Networking Sites and Preventive Measures’  by Dr. S. Neelkanthan was organised by Navnidh Girls School under the aegis of SHKES on 26 Sep,2017 for the students of Std. VIII-XII.

            The programme started with deep prajwalan and Malyarpan at the feet of Ma Saraswati, Ma Bharti and His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahibji. The chief guest Rev. Siddh Bhauji, Chairman, SHKES and the main orator of the day Dr. S. Neelkanthan were accorded a warm floral welcome by the members of the student cabinet of the school. Mr. Manish R.K. Jain, Principal and Ms. Rita Gurbani, Vice-Principal, NHLPS graced the occasion with their presence.           

            Dr. Manish R.K. Jain laid down the objective of the programme. He stated that everything that glitters is not gold and the world around us is full of attractive and lucrative promises (izykseu) from which we have to save ourselves and shine like a real diamond.

            Rev. Siddh Bhauji advised the girls to assimilate the knowledge imparted from the dais and bring a real positive change in themselves to become the responsible, future citizens.

            Mr. Neel began with the thought that if a person doesn’t have money & is poor it is fine but if one is poor of thoughts one has nothing. One should always try to attract Saraswati and Lakshmi comes following. Attracting Saraswati doesn’t simply mean holding a degree, it means to excel in your field & being its Bheeshm Pitamaha. He further inspired students to start the day with a prayer & also communicate with one’s own self effectively. He also advised students to build a sound body & mind for 25 years that will serve as a foundation for the next 50 years. He suggested the students to distance themselves away from electronic gadgets for the control lies in our hand. He also said that the truth behind mediocre goals is our mind set of shortcut to riches. He opined introspection is a necessary skill which everyone cant do as facing truth isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He gave some success formulas-seek questions if you feel pleasure & pain & learn to feel pleasure in meaningful pain. He also advised students to always go for soft instrumental music which will improve their concentration power and help them in achieving their goal. He further stated that the environment around us also affects our learning. He gave some valuable tips to students to inculcate positive habits for excellence like going for a nature walk, having power nap to refresh their brain, listen to motivational audios and read good books.

The session was also attended by the students of Sagar Public School and Oxford Higher Secondary School, Sehore alongwith their escorts.

            The programme was successfully anchored by Mrs. Parmita. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Rita Gurbani, Vice-Principal, NHLPS




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