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Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School
Edutainment Trips

Travelling  is an important part of human life and an effective educational tool. So we have made travelling an integral part of the teaching and learning process as it exposes an individual to 'real life' situation and we understand that this kind of learning leaves a lasting impression on an individual. In order to enrich the intellectual and behavioural base and world view of our children, we expose them to adventures, discoveries and experiences of outside world.

Students, the future citizens of the nation, are familiarized with outside world by taking them to museums, factories, temples, villages & zoos etc.

To help the students admire and imbibe the beauty & historical importance offered by our rich heterogeneous culture, they are taken for excursions & picnics to various places of the country.

Educational tours are also carried out in various places of the nation so that the students capture practical knowledge. 

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