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Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School
The school offers a wide range of CCA as an integral part of the school curriculum. Children with potential for specific areas & according to their area of interests in arts, music, dance and sports are given additional facility for coaching them after school hours. They are also motivated & groomed to take part in activities conducted inside and outside the school by other schools & organizations at state & national levels. Games & sports are regular part of curriculum. The Co Curricular activities are conducted under the aegis of various clubs and committees operating in school.

The aims & objectives of CCA are :
  • To help the students develop good hobbies & use their leisure time creatively.
  • To make them understand the dignity of labour.
  • To help them interact with people in the school & outside.
  • To enhance their dimensions for holistic development.
  • To help them become productive & useful for the society.
  • To revive & rejuvenate the students by breaking monotony of studies . 
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