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Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School
28-Nov- 2017

Annual Function ‘Swanit’ at Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School

            Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School celebrated its annual function ‘Swanit’ – Sajeele swaron ke rag’ to present music present in every aspect of life on 26th Nov 2017 amidst great zeal, Vibrancy and elation in ‘Sant Hirdaram auditorium’ with flamboyant performances by its students. Programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and floral welcome was accorded to Chief Guest Hon’ble Alok Sanjarji Mp., Guest of honour Shri Saiyad Shamsi ji , London, Shri Iqbal Shamsii, Muradabad, SHKES Shri A.C. Sadhwani, Vice-President, Rev. Siddh Bhauji Chairman of SHKES, Manish R.K. Jain, Principal, NHLPS, Mr. Manohar Vaswani, Management Incharge, NHLPS, Mr. Mahesh Dayaramani, Secretary, JSS, Mr. Ramesh Hingroni, Management Member, SHKES, Mr. Hero Gyanchandani, Director (SHGC), Mr. L.C. Janyani, Management Member, SHKES Joint Secretary  & Shri Bhagwan Das Damani.

            A.C. Sadhwani, Vice-President SHKES, reading the progress report of society emphasized on girls education. Parents should feel proud to send their children to such a respectful school. He emphasized that not only the academics but the Sanskaras are also imbibed in the students. And he saught the cooperation of the parents in this field.

            Shri Mahesh Dayaramaniji, Secretary JSS welcomed and invited all to follow the path shown by Santji. Parents should utilise  their energy in looking after their children. He paid gratitude to Dada Kan Lakhaniji to gift this wonderful school to us. He appreciated our chief guest Mr. Iqbal Shamsi ji’s efforts to open an Eye Hospital under the guidance of Santji in Muradabad which is presently running successfully and helping the poor also.

            Mr. Manish R.K. Jain welcomed all and presented the school progress report. He gave credit to society, to students, teachers and management for the progress. He acquainted all by different programmes conducted by the society for the upliftment of the students and teachers. He made us proud by informing surveys conducted by magazines on schools across the country by “Career 3600 “  and showing among top 3000 schools Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School with grade as AAA+, another magazines “Education world” listed top 1000 schools ranked NHLPS at national level as 176th , 20th at state level and on 8th position at city level.

            Programme chief guest Hon’ble Alok Sanjarji, Guest of Honour, Shri Saiyad Shamsi, London and Shri Iqbal Shamsi Muradabad, Shri A.C. Sadhwani, Vice-President, SHKES, Chief guest, Hon’ble,Alok Sanjar, J. M.P . Guest Sayad Shamsi, in his address showed the impression of the school filled with devotion and discipline.

            Our Guest of Honour Mr. Iqbal Shamsi said that they are making one CBSE School, they needed our guidance. He said in his Eye Hospital no one goes without check-up because of money. Whatever is earned is spent there only. ‘We have been born naked will go naked only’ so we should spend whatever is earned. He told the C.M. has all told about the school. So whatever is required for the school will be provided by him.

            Chief Guest Alok Sanjar M.P. said that one who has humanity in heart has shine on his face. So is on the face of our Rev. Siddh Bhauji, let the children fly in the sky. He said that school children should be given enough time to play game so that they become strong. He emphasized the cleanliness drive started by our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. He further added that the annual function is the function of the imbibed cultural traditions in us. In 20th century in world India is going to become a leader as it is rich in its cultural heritage. He emphasizing the value of education said that making the building of a school is easy but building the characters of the students is a difficult task. He appreciated our society as it is encouraging the students to imbibe such values for character building and awarding the academically successful students by cash money.

            Rev Siddh Bhauji welcoming all said that it is rightly said by chief guest Alok Sanjar M.P that annual function is to make the parents see that they are sending their parents to a good school. ‘My mother is my best friend’, ‘Dana Pani’, ‘Study Buddy’, 'Arti of God in the Evening’ are such programmes which develop character buildings, respect for elders, benevolence and the patience of the students. It is also important for the students to take seriously whatever is said by their parents. He appealed to the parents to listen to their children so that they do not leave their homes and are misguided by the people outside. We all need to have such children who progress in every field so that when they are appreciated their parents’ names shine and Santji’s dream of bring happiness in every home is fulfilled. He further added that they should be proud of being the parents of girls as they are always concerned about their parents.

            To catch the rhythm of every audience the cultural programme started with Melody Dreams the Orchestra presentation by school Chair resulting in effect so overwhelming that it made everyone tap his feet and feel elated followed by Hanuman Stuti which filled everyone with devotion. The play Karuna ki Raushan Rah Par was a Journey into a thriving compassion among characters, which depicted the life story of Dada T.L. Vaswani showing how two incidences changed his life. it had heart touching scenes interwoven into a dramatically over whelming effect Radha Krishan ‘Dance’, ‘Kabir Vani-Banda Re’ Narmada Gaatha’. Story of Narmada River and Lade and Chej permeated the hearts all audience with, music, love and devotion.

            Compering of the programme was successfully done by the students from Std. III to XI under the guidance of Ms. Komal K. Jaggi – Sikha Babani, III C, Yashika Mirchandani, VII B, Paridhi Ramtani, VI B, Ayushi Meena, V-A, Charu Gautam, VIII A, Divyanshi K. Jaggi, XI C & Shraddha Verma, XI C whereas the cultural programme was successfully coordinated by Ms. Amrita Motwani, Head Mistress, NHLPS. The programme concluded by expressing the vote of thanks by Vice-Principal, Ms. Rita Gurbani. She eulogized the efforts of the teachers and the students’ creativity, discipline in making the programme a fabulous success. It was followed by singing of National Song. The response of the audiences was excellent. They enjoyed the programme to their heart’s content.



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