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22-Aug- 2017


            A mother sees all, says little, sacrifices all, complaints little, gives all ,expects little……… All she wants is her child to be happy. With this thought- a session on ‘My mother my best friend’ was conducted by Navnidh Hassomal Lakhani Public School for the students of Std.-IV to VIII under the guidance of Rev. Siddh Bhauji, Chairman, Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society from 18th to 22nd August 2017.

            The programme started by lighting the traditional lamp and offering a floral tribute at the feet of Ma Saraswati, Ma Bharti and His Holiness Sant Hirdaram Sahibji.

            Rev. Siddh Bhauji in his Aashirvachan laid emphasis on the need of educating the girl child so that they become financially independent and aren’t dependent on anybody. He urged the parents to instill in their daughters ‘Sanskaras’ or moral values because when we teach them in their childhood it becomes a habit and affects their mentality which helps in building a strong individual personality. With these sanskaras they become the carriers of social and family values. He insisted on developing the habit of praying every day to establish an everlasting connection with God. He advised the parents to teach their children to respect elders, speak politely, practise discipline in their daily life and focus on self-study as these points will help them in differentiating between right and wrong and lead them to the path of righteousness.

            Ms. Amrita Motwani, Head Mistress laid down the objective of the programme and talked about the expectations from parents. In her address, she focused on this point that ‘Mother’ is not merely a ‘word’ but ‘a whole world’ in itself. She stated that no university in the world can grant a degree for the course of parenting, but our experiences help us to become good parents. She compared the child to a sapling who needs nurturing and care in its initial years so that it can stand strongly to find its own way and lead on to the path of progress & prosperity. An emotional scene was witnessed, when the students who had made beautiful greeting cards to express their love and affection for their mothers, gave it to them in the auditorium.

            Ms. Archana Gupta in her address requested the parents to give their valuable time instead of costly gift items to their children. She gave tips to the parents like giving healthy food to children; to look after their physical and mental growth; to teach them household chores so that they learn the dignity of labour; be a good listener and develop the habit of sharing the minutest details of their day to day happenings with their parents. This paves the way for their bright future. She also insisted that a child’s role model is her parents so we should always present a controlled and disciplined behaviour before them so that they turn out to be sensible human beings.  She also requested the parents to fill their eyes and mind with dreams and sow a seed of rising high in life and bring accolades to their parents.

            The programme was compered by Ms. Archana Gupta (TGT) Hindi. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ritul Gupta of Std. VIII, Hina Jain of Std. VII, Preksha Vani of Std VI, Malti Burani of Std. V and Harshita Moolchandani of Std. IV respectively.



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